Introducing the Hugsley HG01 Tone Controller

The Hugsley HG01 Tone Controller is an "In Board" active preamplifier that utilizes a discrete"Class A" amplifier topology and high-order filtering scheme to create a broad range of tonal enhancement for any guitar.

The function of the Hugsley Tone Controller is to generate a subtle array of harmonics (or, overtones) which are "contoured" in both amplitude and phase by a unique, potentiometer controlled, multi-pole, filter design. The tonal affect is dramatic as the potentiometer is swept from a bell-chime-blues-tone on one end of the control spectrum to a "hefty", mid-boost overdrive on the other (refer to figure 1). 

The Hugsley Tone Controller is designed to be installed within the same foot-print as a standard "passive" tone control provided by the manufacturer on most guitars.