The Hugsley HG01 Tone Controller is designed to be installed within the same foot-print as a standard "passive" tone control provided by the manufacturer of most guitars. In fact, the same potentiometer used for the "Stratocaster" type passive tone control (250 kOhm Audio Taper) can be utilized for the potentiometer tone control of the HG01 (refer to Figure 1).

There are four connections that must be made to the HG01 (Signal In, Signal Out, +9.0 Volt and Ground) two of which that can be conveniently placed between the pickup selector switch and the volume potentiometer; the other two are for +9.0 Volt and Ground. The connections must be made using a soldering iron therefore it is highly recommended that the installation be performed by a either a luthier or electronic technician.

A DPDT switch may be added so as to manually engage or disengage the circuit from the signal chain if desired. In addition, the power can be turned on-or-off by inserting the guitar chord into the "Normally Open", stereo-type, output jack located on the guitar body.

The Hugsley Tone Controller requires a 9 Volt battery power source that can be installed in any out-of-the-way location on either the pickguard or within the guitar body; the current draw is approximately 350 micro-Amps and is therefore good for some 1500 hours of use with a high-grade alkaline battery.

The actual placement of the HG01 and battery is at the discretion of the guitar owner.  However, please refer to the photographs of two Hugsley HG01 circuit installation examples shown below. These two installations were performed on "Stratocaster" type pickguard assemblies.